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The VLOW Home is a retrofit device for your water tabs to track your water consumption and to become aware of your unique potential to save water by the VLOW App. The VLOW system tracks the temperature profile of the consumed water and advises saving water, energy, and – of course – money.


Since the VLOW Home and VLOW App improve your awareness for water usage, the system leads to significant savings in consumption as well as your money by lower bills while enhancing actions towards a greener planet. Save water and help to save the environment right from your home.

Improve your
eco footprint
and save money

By improving your awareness towards more conscious consumption, you also lower your water bills! Let’s assume, for example, that you manage to use only one minute less running time of hot water per day, then that is a cost-saving of 50 € per year.


All these functions are part of the VLOW System

VLOW Home: elegant from the outside & powerful from the inside

Equipped with sensors for flow measurement and temperature, the data is transmitted via Bluetooth to the mobile device and displayed in the VLOW App. A turbine enables internal energy generation. In this way, the VLOW does not have to be charged externally. 

The VLOW Home is a smart water consumption tracker, adaptable to every standard faucet. Connect the VLOW Home to your smart home and get aware of your daily water usage.

VLOW App: It's fun to challenge yourself

The VLOW App is fun! Set your own consumption goals and collect VLOW points for every challenge you take! The best thing to do is to try it yourself, track your typical behavior for a week, and then set yourself goals to improve. You will be surprised how much water you use in one week! Did you know that the flow rate of a tap is about 20 liters for a running time of one minute? That is a lot, and if you motivate yourself with small challenges to more awareness, you can reduce your consumption significantly.

Why saving water matters: VLOW & Sustaibability

Did you know that in the past 100 years, the population has tripled, and water consumption has increased sixfold? Did you know that the water crisis is one of the most significant global risks in terms of its impact on society? – And it affects all of us. The world is changing. Our summers become warmer, cities have experienced water shortages in the past years, and it is already drawing our youngest generations out onto the streets to fight for their future and that of the environment. Did you know that each of us is using about 35 liters of tap water every day and that about 95% of the water that enters our homes goes down the drain? These are thousands of liters of water per year. Being mindful of how we spend resources is not always an easy task, but it is essential in making the first steps towards smarter consumption.

Meet the team
and get to know our mission

That’s what we are – an interdisciplinary team consisting of engineers, technicians, and creative minds. What makes us unique is our often so different know-how and background. But where we are all the same is the motivation and passion for our VLOW project and the mission behind it. We want to enable sustainable water consumption by raising awareness via tracking and consumption transparency. 

In the future, we want to develop even more application functions and widen our product range to motivate people to a more conscious use of water. We have even more ideas for the smart management of water and want to become your best provider for intelligent home water.

Status Quo:
Hands-on when
it comes to prototyping

It is important to us that you know that the product from the video is a prototype. In the end, the design will be according to the animation. And also, the VLOW App will be developed professionally and will be only roughly similar to the presentation from the video. Our team is ready, we have been working on prototypes for a long time, pre-developed the app, and tested the sensor technology, but for the implementation, we need you! Together with your support, we can start this project and our mission. 



Equip your home for sustainable use of water. Together with the VLOW Home Device and the VLOW App, you are optimally prepared for the future. Available soon exclusively on Kickstarter. 


We want to thank everyone interested in this project, who believes in the product and the mission, and especially those who support it. Let’s do this together!

Any Questions? Check out the FAQs

Soon the VLOW is offered exclusively on Kickstarter. The reason for this is, that we need your support to realize the project VLOW. Thank you for your purchase and your support!

The app is free and can be used as soon as you have installed your VLOW Home at the tap and connected it  to the app.

You can adjust the VLOW Home device to mostly every standard fauced. It fits for external threads of 24 mm and internal threads of 24 mm.

Yes, the VLOW App will be available for Android as well as for iOS.

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