The new way of self-contained wall greening

A clear idea of urban reinvention.

Our mission at VOSS Incubator is to drive new products to maturity, that will positively impact developements within the sectors of Green Tech & Sustainability, Internet of Things and Future Mobility. At this point, we have already developed multiple innovative and sustainable product and service solutions for VOSS Automotive GmbH.

Looking at current developements in climate change impacts, dwindling unsealed usable spaces and the growing demand of renewable energy resources, we consider it useful to establish innovative technologies for urban climate optimization and energy collection.  That’s why we have developed TRIVERE, our multifunctional and integrable facade greening solution, to reinvent the urban use of unused spaces.

A unique approach to multielement facade utilization.​

Facade Greening

Self-sustaining facade greening in a wall mounted system

  • improving air quality
  • sound and heat insulation

Green Energy

Solar powered PV system, providing energy for modular features.

  • Possibility to supply the public grid
  • High self-sufficiency level
  • Targeted solar orientation of the PV modules

Added Value

LED displays for advertisement and interaction.

  • Robust and power-saving info surface
  • Integration of advertising materials possible
  • Customizable LED panels

The Benefits

individual modular combination of different panels, according to your own construction and application.

Improvement of the visual aspect of the building.

Lightweight Configuration, due to the hydroponics approach.

Low maintenance needed, due to the automated plant control.

An everlasting project.

Just as the process of change –  towards a more sustainable lifestyle and human-friendly city concepts – , also the ideation and development of disruptive green tech products will be lasting. Therefore, we will enhance our current solutions and develop futher promising features.

Anything else?

Feel free to contact us for individual questions or to learn more about the product and its potential.


With love, from Aachen